The Académie is entirely independent. Its publications support education and further research. It is responsible for a series of ‘state of the art' monographs which include:


-La Plasticité de la Fonction Motrice. Ed. J-P.Didier (Springer 2004). This to be produced in Italian in 2007;

- Assessment in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Eds. M.Barat and F.Franchignoni (Maugeri Foundation Books 2004);

- Vocational Rehabilitation. Ed. C.Gobelet and F.Franchignoni (Springer 2006);

-Les Fonctions Sphinctériennes. Ed A.Chantraine (Springer 2006).


Further publications are due, such as in the field of oncological and pain rehabilitation.

The Academie debates ethical matters and in this acts as a guardian of the specialty's views. A recent debate was summarized and published as a brief communication, entitled ‘Violence and Handicap'. Several courses are supported by the Académie, including the European School on Posture and Movement Analysis in the University of Marseille which is supported by Erasmus funding. To encourage original research in the field of PRM by young researchers, the Académie gives an annual prize, supported by the Swiss Paraplegic association. Details may be obtained from the Secretary.




Source: White Book on Physical and rehabilitation Medicine in Europe, Copyright© 2006 by Section of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS) and Académie Européenne de Médecine de Réadaptation. The White Book is available via Section's website on or through the General Secretariat of the UEMS Section.